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Speed to the Lead. Automated!

Facebook Marketplace for Autos Messenger Automation

Instantly Responds to Marketplace Leads even while you sleep!

Our intelligent automated assistant will instantly check the availability of the vehicle in your inventory so your customer will never have to wait on someone to respond…

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Automation that keeps the Vehicle Shopper Engaged

Chances are if a vehicle shopper is looking at your car they are also looking at your competitor's inventory, so keeping their attention is paramount.

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10 Image Carousel of the Vehicle

As the vehicle shoppers thumbs through the images, the automation begins to Qualify....

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Opt-Ins are the Goal

Plugging up the "leaky bucket" the automation collects Name, Phone, and Email Addresses to send directly into your CRM so you can follow up in real time!

A Frictionless Experience = Higher Shopper Engagement

To create even more Excitement in the mind of the vehicle shopper, the automation will give the user an opportunity to view the walk around video of the vehicle if one is available...

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Our Automation pulls the data directly from your inventory provider or vehicle catalog while keeping the shopper in messenger

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At anytime you can jump in on the conversation to schedule test drives or answer specific questions the shopper may have.


Encourage Test Drive Requests right inside of Messenger

By now the vehicle shopper has viewed the photos and watched the walk around video, it’s time to ask for the Appointment!

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Test Drive Booking Tool

Shoppers can easily book a VIP Test Drive on the vehicle of their liking right inside of the automation. Once the appointment is booked, the info is sent to your CRM

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Follow Up Reminders

Easily customize your appointment follow ups in messenger to include sms and email reminders to your customers.

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Pre-Qualify Your Vehicle Shoppers for Car Credit

"Self doubt" is the #1 reason why people don't buy, so we added this customizable credit pre-qualifier to help your customers with credit concerns.

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Customizable to fit Your Dealership’s Goals

Works great for dealers going after the folks with less than perfect credit and saves you a ton of time by not wasting it on someone who can't buy from you now.

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Trade In Evaluations

One all important hurdle for vehicle shoppers to overcome is the worry about what to do with their current vehicle?? Many are afraid of not being able to afford multiple car payments, so we added this Trade-In Automation to help the vehicle shopper worry less.
Having this info before hand gives you a great advantage and opportunity to buy their vehicle for your own inventory!

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All of the automation is done without you lifting a finger! We understand that time is NOT something you can afford to waste! Let our automation bot that was built specifically for Marketplace Leads HELP you save time, cut costs, and make more money!

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